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Sidiou Group LCD Digital Screen Kitchen Timer Magnetic Cooking Countdown Alarm Sleep Stopwatch Temporizador Clock Home Multifunctional Tools

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Foldable stand positioning.
Long standby,by one AAA battery.
Provides 99 minutes and 59 seconds format.
Press both MIN&SEC buttons to reset.
With hold at backside for easy hanging.
Features magnet stand positioning for firm grip.
With ABS plastic.
With Built-in speaker.

When time on 00:00, press ST/SP button, will count from 00:00 >> 00:01 >> 00:02...
Count Down Function: after set required time, such as 99:59, press ST/SP button, will count from 99:59 >> 99:58 >> 99:57...
When Countdown finished, the Timer will ring "Didididi....Didididi..." to remind you!
Press any button to stop the ringing.

Package Includes:
1 x LCD Digital Kitchen Timer ( AAA No battery is included! )