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Sidiou Group Frameless Diy Acrylic Wall Clock 3D Mirror Sticker Home Decor Large Mute Movement Display Wall Clocks With Time Mark Art

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DIY creative large 3D Wall quartz clock.
Perfect for modern home indoor decoration.
It is self-adhesive, waterproof and, non-toxic and safe to children;

Material, Acrylic+ EVA + Aluminum
Thickness, around 1mm for acrylic and 8mm EVA foam
Size of whole clock:100cm suggested
Color, as pictures show
Pattern, as pictures show
Power supply, one AA 1.2V battery (do not use the high-quality battery, such as Nanfu, this movement is energy conservation)

Package Included:
1 * New Large 3D Wall Clock Mirror Wall Stickers
1 * clock movement
1* 1 set of hour+minute+second hands with accessories
(NO battery included)
(including 8mm EVA Foam and installation template)

Silent movement doesn’t mean there is no sound at all, it can be heard a light sound when it’s working and you get close to it.
And there is no battery included.
Please allow 1-3.0Mm error due to manual measurement.
There is a layer of film on the product, Please remove the protective film.