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Name: Mini Creative Metal Alarm Clock
Material: Metal + ABS plastic
Size: 5cm in diameter
Weight: 55g

1.Alarm clock accuracy ±5 minutes
2.Please use 1xAA (carbon) battery

Tips for alarm setting:
1. Set the time to the time you need to set the alarm. If you want to alarm at 7:30 in the morning, set the time to 7:30;
2. Turn the alarm pointer counterclockwise, slow down when the pointer is close to the hour hand, and stop when you hear a light click;
3. Set the time back to normal time.

Test whether the alarm setting is accurate:

Rotate the hour hand clockwise one circle to test whether the alarm sounds at the set time. If it sounds early, adjust the alarm pointer backwards; if it sounds late, adjust the alarm pointer forwards until the alarm is accurate.