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Cute Touch Sensing Digital Desk Alarm Clock Rechargeable LED Wake Up Lights Colorful Light Snooze Bedside Mute Multifunction Clocks

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Product Introduction:
Input voltage: DC5V = 500MA
Rated power: 2.5W
Lithium battery capacity: 2000MA
Low light continued to light: 168 hours
High light continued to light: 8 hours
Mushroom lamp maximum lumens: 3LM
Ring aura maximum lumen: 50LM
color temperature: 3200K

1. Non-pole dimming + soft lighting + touch dimming.
1) 50LM maximum brightness, 3200K warm color temperature. No matter what you want to do, you can always find a suitable brightness. The ring halos provide a high-brightness night soft light, suitable for night care, getting up and dressing, and looking for something that requires a high brightness. The brightness is adjustable.
2) reflect light and make your eyes open in the dark. In order to protect your hazy eyes, make the light more soft time lamp used pure reflection light technology, won't appear any spot on the light panel, in the night, any time you open your eyes will not dazzling
2. Transparent clock (eye comfort)
The black clock shows that day and night as clear and soft LED clocks show the PC semi-permeable panels, visible even in bright light during the day, and soft and not harsh at night
3. Vibration or touch is open, convenient and practical.
The night is dark and easy to open. In the dark, the ring and bell mushrooms can be turned on just by touching the clock.
4. Automatic sleep recognition lights (with sleep function: people turn off lights when they are asleep.)
1) 120 spherical scanning, always can find you. Sleep recognition.
2) one less switch and more sleep. After you fall asleep, the time light will monitor your status and then automatically extinguish the lights. You don't have to turn off the lights at night.
5.The snooty snooze button.
1) 30-minute snooze setting.
2) there is no alarm to close the button. The time light sensor will wake you up and then the alarm will shut automatically.
6. Body recognition is displayed automatically in time. People are not in, time is closed automatically.

Package Include
1 x Touch Sensing Digital Alarm Clock
1 x USB Cable,
1 x User Manual